Dec 9, 2013

So.  We are back in Australia and we have moved to Melbourne. And I have moved into THE best studio in Brunswick! Just look at the brick walls I get to stare at! And to make me feel like I've always got a little piece of France with me, this is my new range... French food. Banane, Oeufs, Langoustines, Pamplemousse, Escargot and Croissants! Bon Appetit...

Aug 1, 2013

Mega BABE alert!

It's ok to feel pangs of IT girl jealousy. I feel 'em too. These girls... Mylee and Holly with their Cheetah bags.

Jun 13, 2013


Easypeasylemonsqueezy. Wanna win a bag? Follow me at hijenbooth on Instagram and simply post a pic of your favourite Jen Booth bag or locket. It can be your own, or a pic from my website. Best pic will win their choice of a Cheetah print or Tangerine cowhide bag!! See I told you, too easy! Winner chosen 21st June 2013. That's 6 days. Get posting!

May 31, 2013


America taught me a few things part II.

 How to make rilly rilly big mugs and spoons. These are fun to cart around America in a suitcase for 3 months. Shino Takeda taught me and Hana. We listened to classical music and it was seriously the best day ever. 'tis big enough for soup but who cares.


America taught me a few things. Part 1.

1. I can now marble silk. For what purpose? I do not know. But it was pretty fun learnin from this chick, Ilana Kohn at Textile Arts Centre in Brooklyn. I have a lot of silk pocket squares now. Suggestions welcome, for how I should use them.

Feb 26, 2013


When LUCY says she wants to write about your stuff, you sit up and take a deep breath. 
Then you dance around your studio. Then you sit down and get shit done. 
Then, the day it's published, it really is THE BEST day. Thank you Lucy, your tick of approval makes my cheeks blush all on their own. 


Look at her! Her enthusiasm for everything is so infectious. 
I wish I could take you out for champagne all night Lucy! And you too, Lisa Marie(Lucy's Robin) But I can't right now cos I'm making mulled wine on a farm. Please come visit xx

Feb 7, 2013

NEW Tangerine cheetahs

If only I could get my hair to this tone ... I promise you I'm trying
PATENT  oh so shiny cobalt blue.. like looking in a tin of paint.
 And Cheetah print now has a Klein Blue's killing me!!!

all dressed up and nowhere to go, but the boulangerie ;)
Now in la boutique

Feb 6, 2013

Jus d'orange

 This is what we've been up to since we arrived in Croissant country.
bringing in NYE in Paris with hottie Nina
 Traipsing through second hand book stores...Why didn't I buy this set of vintage OPUS mags?
 wish I was eating that crepe again.
Back at L'Hermitage... our home for the year...Look how much we're loving being all farmy!
and freaking out over snow flakes.
 Nouveau studio setup.
Day trips x

So that should bring us up to date...
A bientot... like... tomorrow...


Did I tell you I moved to France? Yep just over a month ago!

But It's still business as usual on the Little Leather Locket/Largeish Leather Locket front. 
That is being taken care of back home by someone SO great that I will introduce you to soon, but really, needs no introduction at all.

Are you now confused by the title of this post? Don't be, we went via Tokyo to get here... a whole 24 hours.
 Lady with the cute hands! CUTEST!
 This seemingly Zen photo was all about trying to capture how good her hair is wrapped up, but dang, you can barely see it.
 my kinda garland
Sake as an offering
 just drinking with the locals
 THIS is the "net" in the centre of the ping pong table.
Happy days Tokyo !
Next stop Paris x