Apr 18, 2012

Murder she wrote

It was all I could think of, as a title when trying to write a semi-creative post title for Angela Bennetts writing on The Thousands. Get it? Angela Lansbury? Anyway.
This article has made me particularly excited. She had me at her opening line... Click here to read it.
Angela. I just need one sentence from you each day. I hope, each of you, one day, at some point in your life gets some words from Angela, she's got a way with the vocab.

I love Lucy

So Lucy wrote some things on The Design Files that made me teary and blush and feel like I was a little bit high.

The girl crush is mutual.

Hot tip.

Ok people. This is how I want you to dress.

Apr 15, 2012

An ode to TDF

Lucy from The Design Files (first thing I read EVERY morning) has posted about my lockets. I'm a bit lost for words, as it's the nicest thing EVER, ever.

Oh Lucy! Today's picture/locket is inspired by YOU! Thank you thank you.

Apr 7, 2012

popping up

Holly Hipwell had a Flower Drum pop up shop on Crown St this weekend...and do you see what I see with HH and the leather?
Co-lab-o-ration of the nation.

Apr 6, 2012

where the lockets live

with the Lemlem. I need/want.

and then all perfect with the patterns

and can you believe this? being worn all mexican style to a wedding.
yes yes yes. this truly makes me happy.

Apr 2, 2012

little drummer girl

You know what I love? Making things.
You know what else I love? Holly Hipwell's blog The Flower Drum

So you know what I did when I learnt I was going to to be taking part in the two things above?
Threw my hands up in the air and did hula hoop hip movements. air hula.

Enter: Megan Morton's new project, The School.

One day courses in Funtastic. With amazoid teachers whom you've probably admired from afar, or at least heard of. You will get to meet them and be taught by them! It really is just the most terrific idea ever.
And remember it's ok to tell the teacher's how much you like them. I've been known to gush, hug and mostly high five people I admire within seconds of meeting them.

So Saturday was the big opening ceremony and MM invited us down to whet our appetite for what's ahead. Indeed.

This is what I saw on entrance.
(I cannot guarantee pineapples will always be there to greet you and make you close your eyes and smell Hawaii)

Then official helper Millie helped Holly Hipwell with the Preppin and primpin of those carnations for their big show...

Megan Morton filled us with joy and inspirational words that made us feel like we were part of the beginning of something very beautiful indeed. And then she made us all want to walk out the door and get that Easton Pearson dress.

Holly Hipwell
, master of the ceremony stood up on her gold wedges and was THE wittiest teacher I ever did have. This school is tipping everything we knew about school on it's head.

Look at everyone go! I'm thinking flower bombs could be used for psychological analysis.

Ribbon station. say no more.

ummm... and what about how Jo was all... Sonia Rykiel eat your heart out.

Afterwards everyone hung out swinging their flower bombs all nonchalently!

And MM was selling my lockets for me! On you know, just something she had lying around in the Propery. Amazing.

And after class, I hung out and high fived the teacher. Because it's THAT kind of school.

Can you imagine all the classes you're going to want to go to?
And take all your girlfriends to?
What about giving a gift certificate to someone super great in your life?
And send your kiddliwinks to?
So I'll see you at the next class...
and the one after that.

My top tips are
April 15, 22, and 28. Just trust me.

Go here now as the first classes have just been put up will book out FAST!