Mar 25, 2012


Can you handle this? All that colour and pattern and then polka dots. On the cutest girl in town.
Thanks for your big beautiful heart Millie.

boys in lockets

Oh my goodness
Doesn't Kai look so cute in the tan leather?!
I love what he's put inside his locket. It will melt your heart.
But it's his secret ;)



it's just the best when friends wear your things. In my mind I picked that Beattie would go for this colour combo. And how cute does she look? um... super cute! Love it with her velvet top... She's over at her beautiful store in Manly. A must visit for clothes that make you want to dance and a lady that will tell you brilliant stories. Beattie's blog is just like her, cute, colourful and beautiful. All photos taken from here


Beautiful Clara mixing prints, stripes and little lockets in Melbourne!

Très chic

Nicola rocking the white gold locket on stripes.

find a penny pick it up

So I've got something to show you..

I've been working on a new range and it is finally ready to unveil!
Leather lockets by Jen Booth
and it is all available here
There are so many beautiful colours and they all come in a sweet little pouch, custom made for your locket.

My online shop just went live today! I am a little bit excited. just a tad.